Aug 282011
What I Have Learned From Hurricane Irene
I have learned:
  • that New Yorkers have a geographically sustained inability to loot ~ Quote from Mayor Bloomberg when asked if he was concerned about looting: “This is New York. We don’t do that here.”  (hmmm… I knew I was with a classy bunch)
  • that air resembles blocks of matter when in motion
  • that I will still resort to Diablo II when shut inside a little room for too long
  • that the story is frequently bigger than the event itself
  • that my Sea-to-Summit rain poncho has limits but not as many as my umbrella
  • that panic-buying large amounts of canned kidney beans makes sense in a city unwilling to loot
  • that the primary form of communication between my roommates and I will still be Facebook even when we are within 50 feet of each other
  • that people care about me (thanks for all the calls and emails)
  • that the city does shut down and is capable of quietness
  • that it’s always a good idea to call one’s mother
  • that intense storms, if you can shut all the damage and danger stuff out of your mind, are incredibly exciting
All seems to be mostly well here in New York City. The trains are still down, there has been some flooding and power outages,  but mostly, people are still in their pj’s and eating pancakes.
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  4 Responses to “What I Have Learned From Hurricane Irene”

  1. I have heard that peeling gaffer tape off glass leaves a sticky mess… Hope you didn’t need to do that after all…

  2. ha ha … no I didn’t do it 🙂

  3. Perhaps soon you’re able to look forward to some new wilderness on beaten tracks thru the city and on the outskirts. Chiefly you’ve braved the storm in u’r base camp w/ sea-to-summit poncho, pj and cupcakes. Cherish the rare moment of quietness in town! 😉

  4. That was the eerie part, Tom … the quietness.. I’d almost forgot 🙂

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