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* For next year’s hikers! This should make communication home a little easier. 

The PCT Average Letter Home Mad Lib

Dear _______________,

(family member or name of friend)


Just arrived at PCT mile ______________  (the __________ point)! It has been so ___________,

                               (number)                    (measurement)                  (verb ending in “ing”)

though I am extremely _____________ and _______________. I’m walking an average of

                                           (adjective)         (verb ending in “ed”)

_______ miles a day now! I thought I’d never reach this point! But man are my ______________

(number)                                                                                                  (body part plural)

feeling it. I’m pretty sure I’m downing about _______________ calories a day, but the weight is

                                                                   (very large number)

still ______________ off of me. Last time I weighed myself I was ___________ pounds…

(verb ending in “ing”)                                                                        (number)

_______! But overall I seem ___________ enough.

(exclamation)                           (adjective)


I’ve been walking with these two _____________ hikers, ___________Man and

                                                     (adjective)                          (noun)

_____________Walker (trail names), from _________________. They’re hysterical to ________

(noun)                                        (European country or Portland)                                 (verb)

with and drink a LOT of _____________! We’re _____________ for each other. It’s sweet.

                                 (liquid)                          (verb ending in “ing”)



I’ve been getting plenty of ___________ and ______________ out of the hiker boxes so I might

                                        (plural noun)                  (plural noun)

actually be able to ____________ my $ _____budget. There was a ___________ in the hiker

                         (verb)                        (number)                           (peculiar object)

box at __________. So weird. I almost took it just to ____________ with it!

(resupply town or trail angel house)                                     (verb)

I’ve seen _________ ____________ and a ___________ just in this last week! They’re _______!

             (number)   (animal, plural)             (animal)                                              (adjective)

It almost seems like you could just reach out and ___________ them.


The ______________ are _______ but difficult to _____________, making the miles a bit more

(geographical feature, plural)  (adjective)                     (verb)

___________, but also more worth it.  My ___________ and __________ are definitely hurting,

(verb ending in “ing”)                                 (body part)              (body part)

but I’m still having the ______ of my life! Can’t say I’m really missing being home and

                                  (abstract concept)

___________. But I do miss _________ and _______, but mostly __________. And of course I

(verb ending in “ing”)     (favorite food)           (beloved pet)           (another favorite food)

__________ you! I’ll write again soon when I cross the _________ border.

(verb)                                                              (west coast state or national park)





(your name)


PS- Would you send a _______ to me in a general delivery box to _________? Oh and put my

                                    (noun)                                             (resupply town)

_______ in there too! Thank you!!


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  3 Responses to “The PCT Average Letter Home Mad Lib”

  1. “European Country or Portland.” Brilliant. 🙂

  2. You could also construct a prayer, plea, gratitude, sacrificial offering, etc., for those who have no earth-bound communicants.

  3. Love this! Tears and I made up a mad libs letter for our friend back home who was resupplying our meat along the trail. That was really fun.

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