Apr 102013


The day is Friday. I will usurp all of my common sense and nagging voices of survival instinct and board a plane for southern California. I’ve already missed one storm (sorry early starters) and one chance to change my mind and go to Maui. I’ve cut the tags off my pack, ditched the poncho/shelter idea, and packed up some butterscotch pudding and bacon.  I’m READY!!!

The PCT 2013 Scavenger Hunt has been submitted to me by the authorities. I added the items I didn’t conquer from the PCT 2012 Scavenger Hunt. I’m pretty sure there will be a grape popsicle at the terminus if all items are found …


(masterminded by Jordan Bonner)

  • A wild, edible fruit or flower
  • A female scarecrow
  • Someone hiking in a basketball jersey
  • something hidden under a rock
  • A hiker in heels
  • A cat, dog, horse, cow, or goat with three legs
  • A faerie ring
  • A marriage proposal
  • A lasso
  • A piece of petrified wood (if you’re cheating and are looking in a store, it has to be bigger than your head)
  • A throne, naturally occurring or otherwise
  • Cave paintings, runes, or graffiti from before 1950
  • A renaissance faire or Pioneer town festival
  • 2 coins from 2 separate countries (bonus points for money outside continental North America)
  • Your name in Korean
  • Someone carrying a family heirloom with a long story behind it
  • A dog collar with the name tag still attached. (Call whoever you’re walking with by this name all day.)
  • Challah French Toast
  • A cactus that looks like a penis
  • One of those tourist license plate keychains with the name “Xavier” on it.
  • A cowboy with a pistol.
  • An old cowboy campsite (old cans, fire pit, etc.)
  • Purple rocks. (No Amethyst)
  • A tube of red lipstick
  • Someone on a “cleanse”
  • Ankle-bells
  • A copy of the Qu’ran
  • An alter in the woods to someone deceased or for any other reason
  • Sunglasses someone dropped (wear them, take photo)
  • A Yucca plant taller than you
  • Homemade liquor or home-brewed beer
  • A message in a bottle
  • A toy car
  • A love letter
  • A condom that is NOT white, clear, or otherwise standard-issue. Bonus points for polka dots or glow-in-the-dark
  • A live pot plant
  • A domesticated insect, arachnid, or toad.
  • A fire taller than you
  • Violets
  • Someone from Eastern Europe, South Africa, Australia, or anywhere they normally speak English but still have a funny accent.
  • A poodle skirt
  • A robin’s nest
  • A blue cardinal
  • A hobo encampment
  • A ghost town
  • A batman, spiderman, or spongebob lunchbox
  • A sinkhole
  • A quarter glued to the sidewalk
  • Someone with a tattoo on their ass
  • A couples fort
  • Bare human footprints
  • A fox
  • Snow-capped mountains and an arid desert in view of each other
  • Girl scout cookies (from hiker, host, or stray girl scout)
  • An animal skeleton
  • Wild berries
  • A town with a funny name
  • A man named Arnold (3 points for Arnie)
  • A piece of dropped jewelry
  • A woman named Susan or Suellen that refuses to go by “Sue”
  • A child under 13 that can speak a language other than English
  • Buried treasure
  • An abandoned house, shed.or (3 points) government building


Happy Trails and see you out there!!!

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  4 Responses to “The PCT 2013 Scavenger Hunt!”

  1. You missed:
    A healthy and successful thru-hike.
    You rock.
    ~ Fozzie

  2. Thanks, Fozzie!

  3. I’m next to you every step of the way this year.

  4. Will you have another scavengerhunt soon? Never tried it before and I am very curious! http://www.mvpdogs.com/

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