Jun 102010

The final gear list has been posted with comments up on the Pages bar! I’m actually pretty impressed with how I armed myself for my virgin voyage into the wilderness, considering my experience was quite minimal and I pretty much took whatever anybody who appeared confident told me to. I am, however, completely sold on the idea of getting much much lighter. Nothing felt quite as liberating as when I would be getting towards the end of a run and in need of resupply, making my pack a good 8 pounds lighter! I would SKIP down the trail when this happened! Sooooo … why not start off skipping I say??!! I know this means thousands more dollars and a few compromises… but hopefully you will hear of me at the TGO Challenge in Scotland next year as the woman who square danced up the hills swinging a barely discernible pack from arm to arm playfully  without even the slightest expression of burden on her face. I was warned it would be like this with gear…

My favorite things:

The JetBoil  (I know you real thru-hikers are cringing.. sorry.. I LOVED it!)

Kiss My Face lip balm  (slippery yummy sun-mocking goodness)

The all-purpose scarf  (not much I didn’t do with it)

The hat (okay, the hat!)

Trekking poles (I need lighter ones, but these things were MARVELOUS crutches, balancers, tarp raisers, and endless possibilities of entertainment.. there will be a post about it)

*** Thanks to all who commented and helped me formulate my gear lists!!!!

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  2 Responses to “~The Arizona Trail~ What I Threw Off the Cliff ~Final Gear List and Comments”

  1. I knew you would come around to the hat and the pole thing 🙂

  2. Yay! TGO 🙂 See ya there, as well as before!

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