Sep 302013


There’s a LOT of drama going on over here in Skykomish, Washington. In the 4 days I’ve been here (sigh), I’ve seen at least three groups of hikers that have tried to man out the storm in their dollar store ponchos and trail runners come back after 40 plus miles of trying, with that panicked and defeated look on their faces. Their acknowledged respect for the conditions in front of them changed into downright “spooked out by” levels of emotion and just about all of them are going home. There’s all kinds of charged buzz lines floating about like “Lucky to be alive” and “Winter is HERE (to stay)” and “It’s over.”. And yes, it’s a big nasty wet cold windy mean spirited storm. I’m shivering down here at 1000 feet with coffee and warm biscuits in my belly. But the conditions are supposed to change. The snow/freezing levels are supposed to rise again before the weekend and there are rumors that the actual SUN might peek in to say hello. My hope lies in my ability to wait. I simply can’t pack up and go home until I’ve hit the impassable wall myself, and I’m trusting that my sterling determination will yield to survival instinct if the wall presents itself. Meanwhile, I’ve made a cozy little nest for myself in Skykomish. There’s agreeable enough food, free miniature train rides, and a super pleasant local who has taken it upon himself to keep us entertained and informed. Yes I’m getting cabin fever, but I suffer not in any real way, and I only find myself giving in to the fear and defeat on occasion.

This is likely my last blog post until I am hopefully in Canada! There is no cell service in the last 200 miles, just to add a little “you’re on your own” thrill to the endeavor. Send your weather voodoo still please! I’m hearing conditions change fast… Change them into summer!

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  8 Responses to “Still Mile 2476 – The Buzz Lines of Despair”

  1. we’re all rooting for you Kimberley! Trust your heart and all will be well. love and hugs from across the pond. G

  2. Good luck Kim
    Good strategy to sit out the worst of the weather.
    Fingers crossed for a big enough window to finish.
    Best of luck

  3. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news…I live in Winthrop, WA, close to Rainy Pass and Harts Pass. I’m looking at snow covered peaks down to 5000′. Check out NOAA forecast for Harts Pass 6200′ for the week. Highs in the 40s lows in 20s. 8″ snow currently at Harts, with 5-8 more in the next 48hrs. I hope you have winter gear for the mountains in the next 200 miles. Safe journey.

  4. Sending you Warm Fuzzes, here is a song to entertain yourself with my Angel My Sister!

  5. The forecast looks promising in a few days – the snow level will increase, which is helpful. I would just stay tight and make my move on Thursday morning. Yeah, you are going to run into a bit of rain on Saturday, but that gives you some time to experience the epic beauty that is the northern reaches of our fine state.

    Make note of the roads out and remember you can always descend down several side trails to lower elevations if conditions dictate. You have quite a bit of up and down in front of you, but the good news is that conditions are improving.. Cold rain isn’t fun, but it won’t obscure the trail either.

    Good luck to you! Some of the finest miles are still ahead! You can make it!

  6. I’m so very happy that you’re still alive! I pray that there is no one up the mountain turning blue and hard in their sleeping bag.

  7. I can’t imagine a worse combo of weather issues. Be safe. Be smart. Most of all keep that stellar attitude of yours in tact. Meanwhile I will try to send some of the southwests warm sunshine up your way.
    I love you!

  8. I don’t even know how I ended up on your site, but now I’ve a healthy amount of concern on your behalf. I’ll wish some of my warm, dry, Colorado weather your way.

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