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I’m experiencing a bit of anxiety. Tomorrow is the day. It’s been put off, wisely I believe, but there is now a weather window and I’m going to try to climb through it. If I don’t fit, I will shimmy my pansy little behind right back out and either wait longer or take a lower elevation alternate. But I WILL walk to Canada. This year. And I won’t risk my life to do it. I’ve had my time in a helicopter and don’t wish to repeat it. So I’ll go and see the trail for myself tomorrow and try to make a sane decision.

I’ve made quite a little place for myself here in Skykomish in the last 8 days. I’m a local. I know everyone’s name and the waitress knows how I like my eggs. I gave directions to somebody the other day. But it has been a bit trying to keep myself occupied and patient here. Here is a short list of some creative ideas I came up with should you find yourself in the same circumstance on any of your traveling adventures:

1. Have an entree creation competition with other hikers/ travelers using the three ingredients they sell at the Chevron station you have to buy your food from. Give bonus points for attractive plating.

2. Befriend/hang out with/talk mercilessly at the locals. This saved me here in Skykomish (thank you, Kevin!)

3. Whip out your maps and take some walks. You don’t want to lose your fitness and people in small towns have really weird stuff in their yards.

4. When is the last time you allowed yourself a ten hour Monopoly game? Someone will play with you. If the hotel doesn’t have one, a good game of War with a simple deck of cards also has the potential to last ten hours.

5. Drink and watch Monty Python movies on your phone.

6. Tweeze off your leg hairs one by one. The hairs won’t grow back for a couple of weeks and you’ll get a nice little endorphin rush from the pain.

7. I bet you haven’t properly washed your camp spoon ever. Do that. And your stove. And the inside of your pack. It will be scum weight off your shoulders.

8. Have a lot of sex either with someone else or with yourself. With nothing but a room full of bed, this should be an obvious activity choice when you’re not sleeping.

9. Pick fights on Facebook. I know this is usually frowned upon, but a good healthy “debate” can keep your mind occupied with clever responses for many hours.

10. Find abandoned houses, roads, barns, etc. and explore them. I love finding ones that still have stuff in them.

11. Hitchhike or get a ride out of town to anywhere. Even a well-stocked hardware store can provide a much needed diversion.

12. If you don’t have a blog, start a blog and be sure to torture your readers with constant declarations that you’re getting back on trail/the road and then don’t.

13. Take three showers a day until your genuine skin color returns.

14. Pre-make your lunches and snacks for the next section instead of just shoving the ingredients in your pack. Put little notes in your lunch bags for yourself.

15. Rearrange the furniture in the hotel room to be Feng Shui friendly. Then meditate.

16. Start writing a fiction novel. Base the characters on the people who hang out and drink coffee at the Cafe every morning. Use their conversations in the book.

17. Create a scavenger hunt for the rest of the trail. I had one given to me and it has kept me engaged during unstimulating miles.

18. Overplan the next section. Find escape routes, alternate routes, water sources you might need in different scenarios, campsites, even at what miles you’ll take breaks and for how long. You won’t follow it, but it will make you feel like your still making progress.

19. Sleep, sleep, sleep and then take a nap. You’ll be surprised how much a human being can sleep and still be tired.

20. Eat as much as you sleep. Get fat even. You’ll walk it off.

Wish me well please! Tomorrow presents some decisions. My hope is for clear(ing) trail and happy skies.

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  9 Responses to “Squatting Mile 2476 – 20 Fantastic Ways to Fill Up the Hours When Holed Up Unnecessarily Long in a Two Chicken Town Along the PCT”

  1. good luck! May the weather gods be gentle on you. 🙂

  2. Good Luck!!!! I hope that you can get there without freezing or being hassled by the feds. Of all the challenges to be had on PCT this summer, who in the world could have ever guessed that being threatened with arrest by park rangers for “trespassing” would be the final one?

  3. As the little sign said right before Panther Creek: “You will make it to Canada!” Everything will make sense again when you’re back on the trail. Best of luck, good weather, and take a great picture at the monument! 🙂

  4. You will make it and you will write such an amazing book, whatever you want to write ~ you are an amazing and wonderfully articulate woman and I wish you all the stregnth you obviously have and 10 times more for safe keeping! Ciao Bella ~ Rosanne (& Sammy T too)

  5. Weather looks like it is shining down on you my PCT Queen! Can’t wait to let out a loud whoop! for you!!!

  6. Kick up your heels! Face what weather you may and press on! I believe this window is plenty big for your skinny non ass to pass through freely! Look out Canada, she has that wild look in her eye, she has been holed up far to long!

  7. you make me laugh!! i miss your wit and sense of humor 🙂
    hope we see you soon

  8. You must be on the trail halfway there by now! Yay!

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