Aug 052012

There is really no better place in the world to recover one’s visual ability to perceive depth than Sedona, Arizona.  What started as a vague feeling of being home, someplace special full of birdsong and clean air, has evolved into the slow unveiling of the palatial paradise I am standing within. It feels like enlightenment, the  ecstatic realization of where you already are.

When I first arrived here a month ago, I couldn’t carry my own body weight to the kitchen to get a cup of water without assistance. My vision was double or prismatic. My debilitating headaches kept me in forced meditation to cope. I slept… always … and a single activity would put me out for hours. Two days ago, I hiked 7 miles and came home and did housework. Yesterday, I poo-haa-ed around with a friend for 6 hours and then went out dancing til 1 in the morning. I am back and vibrant and grateful. And I am shaking a hefty finger at Sedona for pulling such a trick. Did the place really have to strike me with a metaphorical lightning bolt on the side of a mountain to get me to come back here? I would believe it if that’s what happened, because Sedona keeps its own.

I have 3 more weeks here before I attempt to leave once more.I have bills, family, and aspirations to attend to that reside primarily in New York City in the moment. In those three weeks I hope to thump love into the red ground with my persistant footsteps, to thank such an exquisite place for bringing me back to myself.

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  7 Responses to “Sedona Keeps Its Own”

  1. I think you got it!!!

  2. What a journey Chere! I am so happy you are recovering so well!
    Keep on dancing/ hiking/ adventuring and don’t ever pull a stunt like that again! Scarred the shit out of me.
    You are loved and cherished beyond measure!

  3. Our lovely home and always family is healing you! I couldn’t be happier knowing you are there with those that love you and the earth that will heal you.

    Love and Peace to you.


  4. Wow! You’re putting me to shame, and I am “stroke-free”! Yes, this is a pretty amazing place. Pretty grateful to live here….

  5. Isin’t it amazing how being somewhere that you feel at peace in can help you heal. Thanks for your amazing story it really puts things back into perspective and makes it easier to keep some of the more trivial things in life filed where they truly belong 🙂

  6. You write wonderfully !
    Come to Sydney and i will give you another visual and emotional joy shift!
    There is lots in common with sedona! I too am headed to NY in a week after arriving in Sedona today!
    an English teacher and dedicated long term traveler
    with tales to tell !

  7. where in sedona did you dance?
    can I dance !!

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