Aug 302011

The grounds of Green-wood Cemetery are exquisitely maintained but severely resembled an abandoned medieval graveyard today as I wandered out to see what Hurricane Irene might have done to it. My initial intention was to check on the parrots. I was terrified I’d find wads of nest pieces scattered about the grounds occupied by unhatched eggs. I saw no such thing, but did see many of the flighted little dinosaurs with hefty twigs in their beaks, clearly engaged in the same intensity of clean-up as the cemetery staff. I know it sounds weird, and it kinda is, but Green-wood Cemetery has become my own little private wilderness. It’s the place I escape to when I need the mania of the city to leave the forefront of my perception. The parks are too busy with recreators to gain any real solace there. And today it looked more like wilderness than I had ever seen it look.

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