May 232013


So I’m standing here in Mojave digging entire limbs of Joshua trees and small animals out of my ear canal blown in there by wind gales intent on transporting my soul from my cells to an island in the Philippines in light rail speed, thinking about my in-city declaration of love for the desert and the human tendency to romanticize things. I do love the desert, but I have to say that it is, at the core of its very being, mean, and I forget about that when I’m reading Edward Abbey from the comfort of a fluffy loft bedroom at home. If you touch a plant in the desert, it is either going to bite you quite ferociously or poison your skin, the animals are thirsty, hungry, and venomous, and I’ve never experienced actual AIR be so aggressively armed. It’s windy. And hot. And dry. But the second the sun goes down and I’m completely saturated in endorphins from crazy amounts of exertion, the sky opens up its calm interior and the entire universe spills onto my face. It’s BEAUTIFUL and otherworldly and worth every aggravation the day brought. The desert to me is at its sexiest in the night … When the calm allows you to smell it, and the edges of life become so very exact with the settling of the dust.
Other hikers seem to also be thrown into otherworldly contemplative states in these last few days. The trail registers are no longer reading “BEER!! WOOHOOO!” but are containing poetry and important questions and mindscrubbing quotes. I love the people I’m hiking with and around. They are fully present and happy and bringing beauty to this experience.
I’m about to be off the grid for a little while. If I remember correctly, I will have cell phone reception for about 3 feet of trail between two boulders if facing northeast above Walker Pass on the ridge. There will be no “good morning from the PCT” Facebook posts and no frivolous texting of loved ones. The next blog update will be from Kennedy Meadows, right before the trail becomes an all new experience for me and I will no longer be split into a parallel of new and remembering. I’ll probably be a little shaky. But right now, it’s all happiness.

Here are the next few addresses if you want to send me stuff:

Kimberlie Dame, PCT hiker
C/O General Delivery
Tuolumne Meadows
Yosemite National Park, CA 95389
ETA: 6/16

Kimberlie Dame, PCT hiker
C/O General Delivery
S. Lake Tahoe, CA 96151
ETA: 6/24

Kimberlie Dame, PCT hiker
C/O General Delivery
Sierra City, CA 96125
ETA: 6/30


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  5 Responses to “Mile 558 – Class of Philosophers, Hikertown, and Soul Sucking Winds”

  1. Love this post Kim – stunning description of the desert and so true!
    Take care out there. L x

  2. sure love reading your adventures with your savy writing abilities 🙂 and Kim I think your eta’s are a little mixed up 🙂
    love Wendy

  3. My name for you is “Walking-in-Grace” – I’m scrapping “Weeds”

  4. It is a stunning description…love reading your words from the trail.

  5. hope all is well.. thinking of you on the trail.

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