May 042013


So I’m sitting on the side of a steep sandy slope reading the promo writing on the packaging of my organic beef jerky (cause really what else is there to do between the important thoughts about life’s mission and God) and I particularly note this passage:
“The average day for our cattle consists of sunshine with puffy white clouds, fresh air, occasional rain, drinking clean water and munching on organic grass..”
Puffy white clouds. Puffy white clouds. And I was sent on a long mental spin about setting up an independent third party organization that would serve to officially CERTIFY the “puffy white cloud” factor because dammit we need to be able to trust we’re making informed choices in our food selection!
And these are the kinds of thoughts that are beginning to happen to me when I allow myself to become vulnerable .. Bad music has also been in lay for an attack .. Some horrific ones that have overtaken my head are:
* Christmas music throughout the entire San Jacintos ( in particular, “Go Tell It On the Mountain” by the New Christy Minstrels”
* “500 Miles” from 2011’s class video you bastards!!
* “Tie A Yellow Ribbon”
* “99 Bottles of Beer” thanks to someone who wrote it in the register at a water cache
* “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” which I kind of liked the first 85 times it revolved around my head
* “The Hallelujah Chorus”
And others.. Many many others..

I also took an afternoon and thought about solitude (which solitude greatly fosters). Last year when I was on the trail there was a bunch of us camped at a ranger station (water!) and it was dinner time -ish. Most were at one of the picnic tables with their various concoctions of dehydrated culinary delights. I didn’t know anybody still at that point, but went up and asked if I could join them cause I didn’t want to be “all weird and alone” over in my little patch of dirt. From another little patch of dirt a girl named Weebee shouted, ” I’m TRYING to be all weird and alone!”. I was remembering this and laughing a couple days ago as I pitched my tent once again in a spot big enough for only me and watched my fellow hikers walk past me to a common destination. The moments when I have been “all weird and alone” have been the absolute bliss of existence for me so far. I LOVE people and connecting and chatting and laughing. But when I get in that silence in nature zone, where I can feel the space between all living things as love and notice how much a part of it I am .. THAT is what I am out there for.. That is actually what I am alive for ..

This last week of walking saw the return of my Wonder Woman fitness level .. One day included an elevation gain from 1000 feet to almost 9000 feet with 8 miles of up and down knob walking thrown in at the end to show my legs what a “break” now means.. I believe that is the equivalent of walking up both rims of the Grand Canyon in one day with some cave and mine shaft exploration done in between .. And it wasn’t really that hard! I’m back!! It’s incredible out here, I’m doing great, and all the voodoo and magic of the trail is in full swing!

By the way, if you’re impassioned to send me a care package or card or whiskey or porn or anything (JUST KIDDING about the whiskey and porn!!), here are the next few places I’ll be definitely picking up boxes. Let me know if you send something so I don’t skip it! My email is ..

* Agua Dulce – ETA 5/17
Kimberlie Dame, PCT hiker
C/o The Saufleys
11861 Darling Road
Agua Dulce, CA 91390

* Mojave -ETA 5/22
Kimberlie Dame, PCT Hiker
C/o Motel 6
SR 58/Sierra Highway @ SR 14
16958 State Route 58
Mojave, CA 93501

* Kennedy Meadows – ETA 5/29
Kimberlie Dame, PCT hiker
C/o Kennedy Meadows General Store
96740 Beach Meadow Road
Inyokern, CA 93527

THANK YOU and serious love from Paradise!!

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  4 Responses to “Mile 265 – Fluffy Cloud Certification, All Weird and Alone, and Send Me Stuff!”

  1. That “space between”…that’s it exactly. You nailed it. That’s why I find myself hiking alone more often than not. Just let it sink in. (Stop me before I ramble on…and on.) Anyway, I’m enjoying your posts and your writing style immensely.

  2. Gave me full body chills and tears birthed in a deep connection of forever and always – truth is so incredibly powerful.

  3. I don’t know how I missed this. Maybe I couldn’t bear to read it because I know I’m letting myself down by not walking the PCT (yet?).
    Can you do an updated post or something so we can have a list of future sites to send you stuff? There is something (small) in particular I want to send you. It made me smile… Let us know!!!
    Love you x

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