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I’m trying desperately to think of something amusing or witty to say about the upcoming weather front, but I’m not in “funny” about it. I’m bummed. I had a horrifically humbling near hypothermic moment about a week ago trying to hike through persistent rain in less than excellent rain gear and am not at all looking forward to 4 days of it with added freezing temperatures and 45 mph wind gusts. It’s simply going to suck. I’m newly equipped with adequate gear thanks to a very loving friend and a quick trip to Seattle, but there is no such thing as keeping “dry” in any kind of gear when your doing steep 3000 foot climbs every day, making “warm” an impossible notion. It is raining outside and also from within you. The only way to keep survivably warm is to KEEP MOVING, a circumstance the rest of my body is reasonably opposed to. And so things are challenging in the moment. As Grace would have it, Skykomish is a very amiable little town, however, and I am happy to be in it. I’ve had lunch purchased for me and a tour of the town’s historical sites offered to me. The locals are wonderful and keeping me well entertained and cared for while I lament my somewhat depressing situation. Once I reach a healthy perspective about it, which will happen, I will know that things are not bad, that they are still miraculous, and that having the journey of my life extended by a few days is probably an enormous gift. But for now I’m surly and whiney.

180ish miles to go .. LEMME AT EM’ !!!!

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  5 Responses to “Mile 2476 – In Need of Your Most Powerful Weather Voodoo”

  1. I’m sad your trip is being delayed, but I’m happy you’re not out there in this weather risking your life. I have a strong feeling once this storm passes you are going to have the most spectacular window to complete your journey. There is something special about hiking in fall weather (when’s it’s dry). I’m with you, cold is one thing, but WET and COLD is just not ok. I’m sending my most positive spirits your way to pave the way for epic awesomeness!!!!!

  2. I wish and trust you’ll be safe, healthy and happy (and not just now).

  3. OMG girl I have been watching the weather and was/is concerned! I am sending a prayer to the apu’s (inca shaman gods of the mountains)
    love your spirit,

  4. Kimi! I am holding good thoughts for you, I just finished watching the National Geographic on the Appalachian Trail, and have more knowing of what you are facing, I send you great BOOST OF JUICE, and Praying for good weather, Please Be Safe and Keep your body Warm!! Loving you So much!

  5. Hoping and praying that you are somehow safe and warm and at least somewhat dry in this deluge. The latest forecast that i saw called for near hurricane winds in N. WA. What a way to finish…

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