Apr 282013


Well the trail experience has already slipped into the so-much- happening- in- a- single- day mode that by the time I have wifi to report about it, I’m absorbed into a different consuming experience..I know the amount of permits issued says differently, but I truly personally believe that there is almost nobody out there! I had the San Jacintos to MYSELF!! I didn’t see even a day hiker until I was almost out .. There is a small group that I’ve seen and hung out with (maybe 6 people) but I seem to be a healthy day ahead of them now .. There was no one in Julian (I sat and had pie all by my lonesome) .. And the trail seems empty.. I LOVE people, but super appreciate the silence and serenity before the herd catches up to me .. Which they will..
I had my first “emergency” .. Meaning not an emergency, but something that wasn’t perfect and easy on trail.. I seemed to be lacking a water source in front of an 8 mile 2000 foot climb… I did the appropriate normal-life thing of immediately calling someone.. But when they couldn’t help me, I “remembered” what an emergency really was and just set about solving the problem .. I wasn’t going to die of dehydration on a cool day in 8 miles .. My how the initial unpeeling of convenience can disturb a person… And because I walk in Grace which has been proven to me over and over again, I found a decent enough puddle in 3 miles, filtered out the tadpoles and scum, and was good to go all the way into the San Jacintos… After a perfect camp in a gorgeous spot, I set about figuring out how to make it into Idyllwild as fast as possible .. Then it dawned on me.. I’m in one of the most beautiful places in all of Southern California (and maybe even the world)… Why in HELL would I rush into a town?? The full moon was that night..I climbed a bazillion hundred feet into a piece of flat land with its thumb jutting straight out into the ZONE.. And watched the full moon squeeze between two boulders right in front of my tent, creating actual linear rays of moonlight in crazy geometrical patterns.. And just because that wasn’t mystical enough for all the climbing I’d done, a nice fat layer of fog rolled in to obscure all perception of anything other than the peaks of those mountains and my temple of a campsite.. It was INCREDIBLE!!
On to Idyllwild and the greatest possible diversion that was the Kickoff party down by the border. I considered not going, but the man responsible for saving my life would be there, and I really wanted to see him and beam love and gratitude on him until he couldn’t take it anymore … It was a gorgeous reunion ., and not just with him, but with the multitude of other people I had been hiking with last year, some who never knew how I had fared in the end.. It was a non-stop barrage of love and laughter and food and support and camaraderie… I’m recovering in Idyllwild now from the damages of too much fun and emotion and I’m back on the trail tomorrow … Facing the much easier task of climbing to 9000 feet…
Life is awesome …

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  3 Responses to “Mile 180 ~ Waterless, Stonehenge, and a Truly Great Detour”

  1. Very nice to meet you in Idyllwild, Kimberlie. Wonderful and inspiring journey you are on and I’ve enjoyed reading your blog…great stuff!! Safe travels.

  2. been really enjoying reading your stories, look forward to each one…….. its like im on vacation just by reading your adventures 🙂 love and miss you girl,

  3. Wow! Your account of this day is so rich…rich in self awareness, insight, patience, grace, beauty, love and…magic. Oh, to be you right now. What an adventure! I look forward to reading more. Happy trails!

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