Jul 142013


I passed the midpoint yesterday. I was apprehensive about it … Had actual real difficulty taking those steps. I don’t want to be in the second half, but have it all be still just beginning. This experience has become me and I hate to think I’m halfway over. But In truth every day is a new beginning, every minute, every step, and I’m halfway done every time I lift up my foot. I can’t imagine how I’m going to be at the terminus. I’ll probably stand there for hours unwilling to walk the last five feet. I’ve lost my taste for highways and unnatural noises and lighting and clean people. Even Belden was a sensory overload. Belden is a 1 cow town boasting a population of 9 people. 9 people. 9. And they are all very high all of the time. I met them all in their various incarnations of service to hikers (there seemed to be 8 housekeepers for the lodge and one other woman who was the bartender, waitress, storekeeper, receptionist, cook, and chaperone of pool players). I couldnt help thinking about campaigning to be mayor. I’d theme that place out. It’d be an incredible life’s mission. But its not to be. For now it’s all dust, trees, and bear scat for me.

I want to tell you about my shoes but really just look at them. They are an eighth of an inch thick with another hiker’s discarded insoles shoved into them. The top has been shoe glued back on and tied up with the same said hiker’s discarded shoe lace. They make the Fivefinger shoes look like army boots. I feel EVERYTHING under my feet. I had a fantasy that the trail wouldn’t be rocky until I got to Drakesbad and new shoes, but I am entering a volcanic national park .. Not much soft dirt here! Free acupressure … They look pretty damn funny too. I didn’t think of it much until I went into a convenience store wearing my raincoat, a pair of rolled up long underwear, and those SHOES, and asked the guy if he’d be willing to break a hundred dollar bill for me. He looked at me as if I was trying to hold up the store with a rubber band BB gun. I haven’t learned yet really how to say, ” It’s okay, I’m really not like this.” But I am like this. And it’s a funny way to be …

Drakesbad tomorrow and Burney Falls next week.. Still alive, still loving life, and boosting myself up for what I think is going to be the biggest challenge for the second half .. morale. <3

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  11 Responses to “Mile 1335- Almost Barefoot and Mayor of Belden”

  1. <3 <3 I love, adore, worship, appreciate every step you take sweet Sister of mine.

  2. Who knew? Free reflexology on the PCT. Still enjoying your updates and looking forward to the second half.

  3. You need to find something like Belden to start getting used again to the crazy world. If you have time to. You better find that time. It’s so beautiful in real places and so painful to go back to the distortions…

    Thank you so much for taking us in some way with you 🙂

  4. Take care of your feet – you need them to make it many more miles.

    Can’t believe you’re going to be in Burney Falls in a week. Very AWESOME!!!! Need anything including morale booster, escape, meal buddy, shopping assistant . . . contact me. I’d love to meet you and share in this fab experience!

  5. So enjoying the trip through your writing! Thank you!!!!!

  6. …so…um…in Belden, what role does the cow take on? The images bombarding my mind crack me up – town dealer, right? Sheriff? Hides your backpack to make you stay since you’re their only source of Belden’s entertainment? Its manure patties are the only source of fuel for a looooong ways, and it’s quadrupling the price because it knows you’re out? Mind meld with me – it just gets sillier!

  7. if you can send me one of your upcoming mailing addresses in the next week, ill send you something from here in santa fe. good job, kim.

  8. You are a seriously GREAT writer, and i am losing sleep staying up reading all of your entries. Did you know that there are at least two bloggers on the PCT this year who crowdsourced their hike funding on the prospect of a future book? You are 1000% a better writer than they, from all that i have read. PLEASE write a book (and publish before everyone else). Best wishes for good health, luck, and happiness!

  9. I Concur with Fenu!!!
    Write a book KIMY BEAR !!!

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  11. A big thank you for the post.Really thank you! Awesome.

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