Jul 062013


Nothing wrong with this last section .. Really nothing at all… It was beautiful, the climbs were plentiful but mild, and there were wild flowers EVERYWHERE!! So why am I going to bitch to you about it? Because it seems that my head got screwed on a little too far to the right on this one. Things started bothering me .. Things that have been challenges since day one really, so why I wait til the 1200 mile point to acknowledge them as nuisances can only mean that I’m started to get a little tired.. The trail town rests don’t really nourish me anymore … I’d still rather be out in the woods .. So I think I’m going to attempt a strategy of setting up my tent in an amazing place every now and again and just lay in it all day, listening to Sigur Ros and reading Tom Robbins novels. No chores, no traffic, no socializing, no frustrated postal clerks trying to find a General Delivery box with stickers and the word “Dame” on it (which they just can’t seem to accept is a name and not some clever thwarting of their organizational attempts). I’m supposed to be speeding up but maybe I’ll just slow the hell down. Maybe. I have to do the math at some soon point and make sure I’m on track for a reasonable Canada arrival. I’ve had a hiking partner for this last little while and it’s done LOADS for my morale. Whenever I get on one of those snaggy mind spins, like who would come to my funeral and what they would say, or, is romantic love the lie I think it might be that some lizard race of people made up to distract us from the truth, or, the list of all possible ailments and deformities that might be lying dormant in my body until I’m at least forty miles from the closest bailout point, or, maybe I wasn’t as good of a mother as I thought I was but just selfishly extracted my own enjoyment out of the experience to the detriment of my child’s psychological makeup, or, what the hell am I doing out here anyway this is insane, you know, things like that .,, having someone else handy who will talk to you with great elaboration about the perfect scone recipe really does the trick. He laughs at me and I need that. He is pretty ridiculous as well, which gives me some perspective. While we have no statements that we’ll always walk together, so far we’ve been a decent team.
I am now nestled into Sierra City with a well made cappuccino and a room with a jacuzzi tub ., reinvigorating my twinkle ..

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  5 Responses to “Mile 1197 – Not Quite All Twinkles and Unicorns Anymore”

  1. Glad to read your reports and see you inching your way further north! I got my passport yesterday, booked my flight today and will be flying across the pond on August 3. I’ll stay with my Mother for a while as I get some health care, and then who knows what!? Thanks for all your support and friendship over the years, and be sure and look me up the next time you’re in Scotland! <3 and hugs G

  2. hey Kim, those yellow flowers you took pictures of are commonly named mule ears, but that is arnica! good for aches and pains, although it takes soaking in oil for awhile. gotta love mother natures cures 🙂
    your not missing anything in common life, complainers, addicts to their phones, go to work come home, too hot to be outside here in arizona. I would love to be in the High sierra, alongside you…
    love Wendy

  3. I love how you acknowledge the space you’re in (mental, physical, emotional, and/or spiritual) – allow it to be – surrender to it – love it, then release it. MY INSPIRATION! Loving YOU!

  4. PS – the bitching is a “peace” of the allowing – making peace with the way it is IS what allows it to be

  5. Invigorate your Twinkel, Twinkles <3 I am really happy to know you have GOOD company <3

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