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So there is a musical tone to the Sierra Nevadas.. I hear it constantly and yes I’m certain it’s not in my own awe-bathed head. It’s the electricity, the clarity, the life revolving in the cups of the passes. It’s main stage is the silence, which is the warm bass note beneath everything. It brings you home and tunes your nervous system to what is real. All activity upon it is like the piano solo in a really great jazz jam. It belongs but is not the song itself. Whatever I do there is just the creative expression of a story, unexpected and lively but untouching of the whole of the music. It doesn’t care about me and my steps or my thoughts, but says “okay”. I am blessed to have that right. I want to tell you how tough it’s been these last ten days, of running out of food, of getting sick and having to take antibiotics that another hiker miraculously had, of curtains of Mosquitos that take pleasure in eating Deet and chew me right through my rain gear, of 3 days of pouring rain and disorienting wind gusts through exposed areas, of mud-clay that forms bulbous boulders over my sandals, and how weak and thin 10 days without a day off made me feel, but in truth I was mostly laughing and feeling deeply the magic of being there. There were no easy miles, but also no unshattering beauties, no corner I didn’t turn that didn’t make me stop in my tracks in complete submission to the amazing place in front if me. It was ALL incredible.. All of it. And now here I am in South Lake Tahoe, bullied by the post office hours into staying a day more than I want to, but not suffering too badly at the buffets and in the hot tub. My mind is too ADHD to want to allow my body to heal .. But circumstance and divine intervention force me.. Still walking and resting in pure Grace..

Shit I’ve Overheard Thru-Hikers Say:

* “This long distance thru-hiking thing is working out GREAT for me” (said genuinely by a man with a pulled back muscle and tendinitis stuck in a hotel room for a week)

* ” I have some Vagisil I can put on your back”

* “Want a bite of my Snickers burrito?”

* “Hey I have indoor plumbing” (trail angel trying to lure a young female hiker into staying at his house)

* ” I just duct taped it together” ( in response to how he was handling his severely splitting heel callous)

* ” What happens on the trail stays on trail… And in the minds of all concerned as an endlessly irritating thought cycle”

* “You gonna eat that?”

* “How many cigarettes is a Powerbar worth to you right now?” (Said to someone out if food but not cigarettes)

* “I really don’t even like nature”

* “I hate hiking”

* ” Have you seen that skinny guy with the beard.. Can’t remember his trail name”

Mail me more stuff !

Next few addresses with ETAs:

Kimberlie Dame, PCT hiker
C/o Dunsmuir Lodge
6604 Dunsmuir Ave.
Dunsmuir, CA 96025
ETA 7/20
UPS or FedEx Only!

Kimberlie Dame, PCT hiker
C/o Alderbrook Manor
836 Sawyers Bar Rd.
Etna, CA 96027
ETA 7/25

Kimberlie Dame, PCT hiker
C/o General Delivery
Ashland, Oregon 97520
ETA 8/1

I can’t believe I’m not even halfway.. My God what is this trail going to do to me?!

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  3 Responses to “Mile 1094 – Beaten Up, Bitten Up, and Listening To the Music”

  1. The skinny guy with the beard … was he a while guy? Covered in dirt? Was he wearing a pack?

  2. Thank you for the addresses!!!

  3. Hi Kimberlie – I am a friend of Jyoti Rawlinson’s and I live in Ashland, Oregon. I see by your blog that you will be coming through here in about a month. I will be teaching an energy medicine intensive that first weekend (and will be on call for a birth) so I don’t know how much I can offer, but at least a shower and a free place to put your tent up if you’d like. Perhaps a meal if we’re lucky (but I can’t promise).

    Janie in Ashland

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