Oct 272011

Okay, it’s cold and poopy already in New York City in a way that would make even the UK nod in reverence. And I am working like a truly hungry person in order  to prepare financially for next year’s upcoming Pacific Crest Trail trip. Not getting out much. Luckily, other people are and have done and a big thank you to them for writing about it. Here’s what I’m reading on the subway trains during my constant commute to a work opportunity.

The Inspiration

  • “Becoming Animal” and “The Sensuous Earth”, David Abrams
  • “A Walk in the Woods”, Bill Bryson
  • “Dharma Bums”, Jack Kerouac
  • “The Cactus Eaters: How I Lost My Mind – And Almost Found Myself – On the Pacific Crest Trail”, Dan White
  • “Dances With Marnots – A Pacific Crest Trail Adventure”, George Spearing
  • “Last Chance to See”, Douglas Adams
  • “Born to Run”, Christopher McDougall
  • “Desert Solitaire”, Edward Abbey
  • “Walden”, Henry David Thoreau
  • “To Build A Fire”, Jack London
  • “A Blistered Kind of Love – One Couple’s Trial by Trail”, Angela Ballard
  • “A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains”, Isabella Bird
  • “My First Summer In the Sierra”, John Muir
  • “Backpackers Poetry”, David Thibault
  • “A Thru-Hiker’s Heart”, “No-Way” Ray Echols
  • “Zero Days”, Barbara Egbert
  • “The Man Who Walked Through Time”, Colin Fletcher
  • “Red Dust”, Ma Jian
  • ‘On the Beaten Path – An Appalachian Pilgrimage”, Robert Rubin
  • “A Walk Across America”, Peter Jenkins
  • “Trekking Atlas of the World”, Jack Jackson
  • “AWOL on the Appalachian Trail”, David Miller
  • “Crossing Arizona”, Chris Townsend
  • “Hike Your Own Hike”, Francis Tapon
The Instruction
  • “Adventure Trekking”, Robert Strauss
  • ‘The Advanced Backpacker – A Handbook of Year Round Long Distance Hiking”, Chris Townsend
  • “Walking Softly in the Wilderness”, John Hart
  • “Lip-smackin Backpackin”, Christine Conners
  • “How To Shit In The Woods”, Kathleen Meyer
  • “Wilderness Survival For Dummies”, Cameron Smith
  • “Be Expert With Map and Compass”, Bjorn Kjellstrom
  • “Beyond Backpacking”, Ray Jardine
  • “Yogi’s PCT Handbook”, “Yogi” Jackie McDonnell
  • “Freezerbag Cooking – Trail Food Made Simple”, Sarah Kirkconnell
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  3 Responses to “I Wish This Subway Station Was A Trailhead: A Reading List”

  1. Stunned to have read only a couple of these. A good list to work at. Thank you.

  2. you may also want to add to your “inspiration” list the greatest AT journal ever penned: http://www.skwc.com/Hail-nf.html

  3. oops! I messed up the url for that last comment: http://www.skwc.com/exile/Hail-nf.html

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