Mar 172014

DO NOT. SEND YOURSELVES. OATMEAL. It’s the richest piece of thru-hiker hopeful advice I think I have ever read. It was posted on the “PCT Class of 2014” facebook page by one of the realest, funniest, most perceptive, and inspiring thru-hikers from 2013 I’ve heard tell of. Her name is Carrot Quinn and she can […]

Mar 042014
My Notes on Post Trail Depression

It’s expected. It’s written about, talked about, advised about.. lamented to anyone who would understand (ie:other hikers) .. When you do a long trail, word is you’re going to suffer a bit after you return home. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but it does to enough people that I would classify it as a genuine […]

Dec 132013
The PCT Average Letter Home Mad Lib

* For next year’s hikers! This should make communication home a little easier.  The PCT Average Letter Home Mad Lib Dear _______________, (family member or name of friend)   Just arrived at PCT mile ______________  (the __________ point)! It has been so ___________,                         […]

Nov 202013
Love Letter to a Thru-Hiker's Body

Dear Body, I’d like to point out to you that you are absolutely FABULOUS! You walked 2,665 miles in a row.. IN A ROW! Without reprieve.. without healing time. And those weren’t easy miles. It’s not like you were walking on some spongy flat corridor through Hawaii.. No, you were walking through extreme heat, and […]