Jun 022015
Walking Cures Everything

  No, this is not another “benefits of” article. Instead, it’s a personal example of why walking somewhere or even nowhere has come to be my knee-jerk response to just about every stressor in life, positive or negative. Two weeks ago I was given an experience to voraciously chew on. A little backstory, I am […]

Mar 312015
Sleeping Outside

It’s 3:43 am. No, I didn’t stay up this late. And, no, I don’t have to be up this early. I’m just awake. My body does this, under the strict micromanagement of my mind, more times than I’d like it too. The busier the next day is going to be, the more likely it is […]

Apr 012014
I Don't Like Hiking

Hiking sucks.  And the only thing worse than hiking is camping. There’s way too much romanticizing done about both of them, as if ANYONE is out there with rays of sunlight beaming selectively through the trees at them, blissing out on birdsong and silence, thinking important philosophical thoughts and “communing” with nature. They’re not. The […]