May 092010
~ The Arizona Trail ~ Forgiveness Form Letter, Ponderosas Do Bend, and the Secret Grooming Pictures

Feel free to use this: FORM LETTER TO BEG FORGIVENESS FROM CLIENTS/BOSSES/FRIENDS/CHILDREN/LOVERS/PET SITTERS  AND ANYONE ELSE WHO EXPECTS YOU TO BE AROUND WHEN YOU’RE STILL ON YOUR DAMN THRU-HIKE WAY PAST THE SANITY DATE Dear _____, I know the it would be extremely appropriate to (circle one) fire me/leave me/abandon my animals/replace me/update my facebook […]

Apr 292010
~The Arizona Trail~ How Many Times In One Day

Yesterday might have been the fullest day with the most interesting challenges I’ve encountered yet, all unexpected of course. It’s the Grand Canyon, home of the woodchip pathways and midpoint lemonade stands! Who could worry about a single thing? People carrying cameras larger than my entire pack and wearing very very very white t-shirts plomb […]

Apr 262010
~The Arizona Trail~ Did Merlin just call me a ?

I have to make this confession. Five days ago I researched the possibility of willying myself over to northern California, kidnapping Ali from Petrolia, and backpacking the Lost Coast Trail. Wouldn’t that have been a funny little surprise to those following this trip? (and probably to Ali too) I started off in Flagstaff with all […]

Apr 172010
~The Arizona Trail~ Every Day Another Miracle

Being out in the wilderness for an extended period of time is very similar to being incarnated into a new world through the legs of  a different mother. It’s a world as dense and complex and rich and confusing and stimulating and real and peaceful and intense and enclosed  as the civilly created world most […]

Apr 052010
~The Arizona Trail~The Alan Post

We all have secret little indulgences.. things we love but keep in the back of bedroom sock drawers.. things we won’t offer as cocktail conversation… For my friend Alan, one of those things is Good and Plenty candies… Those vixonous pieces of black licorice in pink and white tutus… dental cavity fillers…the  darkness of hippie […]