Jul 132011

At last! Here is the official video and write-up for my Kickstarter project on my actual website! You still have to go over to Kickstarter.com to pledge, CLICK HERE, but can now have the luxury of being pitched at without leaving the screen. Only a little over 2 weeks left, and I’m scarily far from […]

Jun 262010
~ The Arizona Trail ~ Wrap-Up Post

“Woke up. Drank hot tea. Covered in dirt. GPS says there is a spring around here but all I see is sand. Camped close to a cowpie again.” “Woke up. Drank hot tea. Covered in dirt. Another 12 miles of 2 tracks. Threw the GPS in the gravel again.” “Woke up. Put the oatmeal in […]

Jun 192010
~The Arizona Trail~ We, the Users...

As I had planned, I finished the missing segment of the trail in modest solitude, ending at the S. Kaibab trailhead, on my birthday, a trail head I have now rushed to beyond my physical capability  TWICE, and set off FROM with great expectation TWICE, for a total of FOUR Arizona Trail S. Kaibab Trailhead […]

Jun 062010
~The Arizona Trail~ Resupply In Paradise (Part 2)

Nothing says “relaxing resupply” more than an extended lounge in a city park, making grass mandalas on the belly of your companion, while some local teenage boys take turns tasering each other’s nipples less than 20 feet away. Such was the scene on that long blissful rest day in Flagstaff, Arizona. It was my second […]