Nov 192010
~Scotland~ You Can't Argue in Gaelic

“What do you want to do this weekend?” That question to me is like that moment in any good piece of music when the tension that has been building up since note one completely resolves, releases you, let’s you cry or exhale, or at least bring your shoulders down from your ears. A Class A […]

Oct 292010
~Scotland~ Trail Cash? Don't FrEtsy!

As I get further and further in to the walking community, I am beginning to meet more people who feel as I do about being out on the land for very long periods of time. They’ve accomplished unbelievable feats of endurance across many many lands to follow the path of their passion (and feet). They […]

Oct 252010
~Scotland~ I Used To Have Other Interests

Trail walking, hill walking, free range walking, running, wading, bogging, researching new trails, planning long treks, planning day walks, shopping for trail gear, fixing trail gear, researching trail gear, developing trail gear, buying maps, studying maps, trading maps and tracks,  making routes, finding other’s  routes, watching videos of other’s walks, looking at trail pictures, stalking […]