Feb 262011
Scotland ~ It's About People

This is an outdoor blog. I am an “outdoor person”. You can expect to find words about outdoor things here, like gear, and trails, and hurt knees, and water purification, and pretty skies. Inside is as temporary a condition as I can make it without wholly becoming animal and I relate more easily with wind […]

Feb 202011
Scotland~ The Obligatory Cairn

“…. the obligatory cairn will soon be visible announcing your arrival at the summit,” were the words in the route description of a sweet little country walk I indulged in today from a 24-sheep village named Saline, ¬†which included a bold-enough hill and a beautiful glen walk amongst some of the oldest remaining trees in […]

Jan 312011
Scotland~The Isle of Skye, Where the Black Mountains Sing

I was already intoxicated with Skye by the time we headed towards the Cuillins. We had done a “my route”/”your route” strategy for our 4 day weekend and his route, the first route, had ripped me apart, made me vulnerable and open. It made me leave my mundane-ness at the entryway and insisted on grandeur, […]

Jan 252011
Scotland ~ Trotternish Ridge and a Spoon

When I try to imagine why Scotland is the setting for so many epic love stories, why it triggers the myth-making minds of all ordinary people, what might of driven men to wear skirts and women to dance in circles and all the people to talk in a musically delightful cadence, I think of the […]

Jan 192011
Scotland~ From the TGO Challenge to the TGV Challenge

I suppose it’s time to officially announce that I will not be participating in this year’s TGO Challenge here in Scotland. It’s nobody’s fault but my own. I planned poorly and the UK government now insists that I return to the States unless I get married or figure out how to shear sheep. Since neither […]

Jan 082011
~Wales~ Snowdon~ Let the People Go!

Chances are, if you pursue a journey to paradise, you’re going to have company. In very very beautiful places, people will be. And I’d like to electronically slap your hand for so openly cursing that reality. To be fair, I, too, ¬†like a serene wilderness, buzzing only with the hum of a strong wind, pierced […]