Aug 142011
Coping With Hiker Envy

If I see another photo of someone I know leaping into the air in ecstatic bliss in front of a can’t-be-real mountain range, I’m going to climb to the steel summit of skyscraper and fling some New York City falafel at them. The rosy cheeks, the bright open eyes, the soft worn clothes on a […]

Jul 212011
Intoxicating Heat

People walking the streets of New York City today were a sorry parade, purple-faced and slumped over, clutching frozen water bottles and berry icees to their chests, unable to muster up their usually ambitious strides and instead just  dizzily falling towards their destinations. It was.. is.. HOT. At 92 degrees, with a heat index factor […]

Jul 202011
In the Stars, Not Under the Stars

What is this cosmic absurdity that mocks the coming of darkness by shining the most admirable brilliance out of its own ass, manages to reappear again and again at improbable angles without appearing to move at all, with electron-like choreography, living nowhere and at no time other than those two hours of the day when you’re slumped […]

Jul 172011
Four Months in New York City

In four months in New York City: Number of times someone has fallen asleep on my shoulder on a subway train: 18 Dollar amount lost due to theft: $250 Dollar amount difference between a bottle of Coke in Manhattan and Brooklyn: $1.25 Number of resumes sent out: 133 Number of interviews: 12 Number of jobs […]

May 312011
Manhattanhenge ~ May 2011

They gathered in many-colored robes amidst the stone slabs, silent and reverent, with their metal talismans in hand. The light of the setting sun was beginning to fall into the crevice, radiating the walls of the stone in perfect symmetry. The time would be short. The people had anticipated  this sacred moment and had come […]

May 282011
The Cloisters and Okay, I've Said It

There is nothing about an urban environment that makes the soul relax into an unsolicited jubilation of the ecstasy of living. Before you  passionate urban dwellers respond with well crafted responses of how much you love and appreciate the city, let me just say that I, too, am on your team and love the city. But […]

May 242011
Must Be This Way ~ Andy Howell and my Guest Post

Andy Howell is currently walking the TGO Challenge in Scotland right this very minute, which of course makes it a very good time to talk about him. He has bravely and naively given all access codes into his popular website and blog to a handful of renegade guest bloggers, myself included, to entertain and inform […]

May 202011
Virgin New York City Trek ~ Take Me to the Bridge

With the intelligence nature wields in its design, man brings to his own constructions, shooting out groves of architecture from the suppleness of the earth. That being said, would somebody please explain Times Square to me? Unless my faithless-to-anecdote eyes deceive me, it appears to be nothing other than towers upon walls of hyperactive digital […]

May 172011

The Monk (Quaker) Parrot is a heartily verbal little dinosaur. I know because I housed a couple of them in my living room for many of their impressively abundant years of life. My burgundy flokati rug became their vast expanse of jungle that their exuberant warning calls needed to span across, once again informing me […]