Oct 032012
You're Not a Real New Yorker Until..

  …  you not only know which train to get on to get where you are going, but you know which PART of the train to get on that will dump you closest to the escalator at the destination station… … you have eaten 3 meals a day at  3 different food trucks.. … you […]

Sep 232011
7 Months In NYC ~ The New Stats

Frequency of odd and loud situations occurring on the street outside my window in the middle of the night ~ 4 times weekly Number of times I’ve come home to cars set intentionally ablaze in front of my apartment ~ 1 Times I’ve pondered the possibility that I might live in a questionable neighborhood ~ […]

Sep 102011
Minding The Fear

Fear is a reactive experience that serves to provide the necessary body chemicals to effectively manage a survival situation. If you see a bear, your body equips you well to run like hell from it. If you are on the edge of a cliff, your body nicely paralyzes you from trotting over it. If a […]

Aug 282011
What I Have Learned From Hurricane Irene

What I Have Learned From Hurricane Irene I have learned: that New Yorkers have a geographically sustained inability to loot ~ Quote from Mayor Bloomberg when asked if he was concerned about looting: “This is New York. We don’t do that here.”  (hmmm… I knew I was with a classy bunch) that air resembles blocks […]

Aug 192011
Raining Electricity

Right now outside my window is raging an absolutely FANTASTIC storm. The trees are sideways, streetlights are shaking, the rain and hail are heaving themselves  horizontally, the thunder and lightning are finally drowning out the sound of the Pentecostal church service across the street. I LOVE it!! Holy wow, I just NOW saw a lightning […]