Jan 282010

The rocks are covered with ice! It's amazingly beautiful..

Today was the day I intended to post my gear list … and invite all trail veterans and anyone really to comment, criticize, drool over, or slash mercilessly at the various tools and luxuries I am acquiring for life  out in the wilderness. It can’t all come. I need help making these decisions. But when I went to prepare my defense as to why  my silk sleeping bag liner is more important than trekking poles, and why a book to write in is more important than extra water filters, I discovered my heart was not yet into creating this discussion.

I want to share with you a Burning Man story. Not an everybody’s Burning Man story which always includes the phrases “oh my god there was fire shooting out of the”  and ” this person I’ve never even met “, but a story that actually occurred after the blessed week at Burning Man, on the way home. After the temple burned, my friend and I made the inspired decision to avoid the Monday post-burn emotionalism, break camp, and leave for home that very night. We were tired but we could take turns driving and honestly, in Nevada you could put the car on cruise control and fall asleep and you would run out of gas before you hit anything. I felt confident we could safely go. Sometime near 4 or 5 in the morning, and at least 90 miles from even a gesture of a town, I saw a figure up ahead walking on the tiny little state road we were on. Now I think life is psychoactivating enough without having to chemically exaggerate it, but I didn’t used to think that, so I woke up my sleeping friend to make sure the person was really there.

“Hey Sim, wake up.”

“Need me to drive?”

“No look.”

“Oh it’s beautiful ,wow, oh the sun is rising .. ”

“No look.. there… Do you see that?”

“What.. what .. Is someone on the road?”

“I think so .. look.”

He was really there. We were getting closer and the man was pushing something.

“We should stop. We’re in the middle of nowhere!  Has he been walking all night? Sim what do you think?”

“Let’s pass him first and feel it out.”


As we got closer, it was plain to see that the man was pushing a shopping cart up the road in the opposite direction that we were going. We just came from there and knew there was NOTHING in that direction for a really long time. We could not figure out where he would be headed, but we definitely didn’t want to give him a ride in that direction.

“He’s pushing an empty shopping cart. No wait, there’s a piece of cardboard with some writing in it.”

“That’s it??What does it say?”

Simeon hadn’t found his glasses yet. He wasn’t trying to actually.

” wait .. ” We slowly passed him, looking for some kind of indication of his state and what we should do.

“What does it say?”

“It says . .. ‘ LOVE LIFE’. ”

I was stunned into a state I still could not describe. It hit me so hard that I began to cry. It was the most beautiful image I have ever seen in my life and burned itself deeply into my being. Here is a man, walking by himself out in the Nevada desert, pushing a shopping cart bearing nothing but a cardboard sign with the words “LOVE LIFE” painted on it. What else is there to say really?

I do love life .. am deeply in love actually …with nature, and the Divine, and culture, and you .. as if there is any real distinction between these things…. And what my point is, my point in being here, my point in doing anything I do, including this trail, is to turn as many people as possible on to that love of living.. share and inspire it…

So how is isolating myself out in the wilderness for 7 weeks sharing the love you ask? Well, while it’s self-indulgent experience for sure … pure narcissistic self-fulfillment…. I am deeply hoping when I come back, you will see that fire in my eyes and  feel my serene bubbliness … That I can tell you about the different colors in the vertical cliff wall and that cool person that strapped a chocolate bar to my water cache… And you’ll relate to the joy of that for a minute or so.. And that will be worth everything…

~Love Life~

45 Ripping Days until Trail Life

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  6 Responses to “~Arizona Trail~ Love Life”

  1. Wow…lovely, reminded me of the ‘Waver’ for some reason. I recall seeing him waving in Sedona one afternoon, heading to Las Vegas the next day and encountering him on the Strip waving away.

  2. I love Ed the Waver! He hasn’t been around Sedona for a long time.. But he gave me one of the rocks he carries and rubs between his fingers when he is waving and chanting. Love in a stone.. I have so much awe for people dedicated to being magical for the rest of us 🙂

  3. Yes, something very cool about him…I’d be rushing around worried about one thing or another and see him and realize….duh…just slow down and look at the beauty! There were so many magical facets to Sedona back when he was on the wave there!

  4. I saw the same guy with the shopping cart last fall walking toward Vegas out on the 95 or whatever that road is, 100 miles from the nearest store, just strolling along with the shopping cart. Kind of cool. Hydro Heidi and I fully understood, Pretty cool to walk across Nevada with a shopping cart. See you on the AZT.

  5. No kidding! Good.. that’s double affirmation I wasn’t hallucinating 🙂 Hey if you are thru-hiking and are interested in a Sedona re-route just south of Happy Jack, I just worked one out and would be happy to send you the directions .. 🙂

  6. […] him. Long car rides on empty highways do that to me. But 7 years later, someone had read my blog post about it , filled me in on his story, and I began to make more sense of it. Another 5 years have passed and […]

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