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Every year, the cynical part of my personality declares at 12:01 am on New Year’s Day that I’ve “survived” another year. Hooray! Well, I really did survive 2012 in an actual factual way and the depth added to my soul for that accomplishment is palpable. I’m alive! And what an awesome place this world is to be! I was all over the map this year, both literally and metaphorically. Where I couldn’t get a real ticket to, I “flew” to while in the cosmic cradle of brain injury and morphine. I discovered that at the root of my passion for living  is soft serve ice cream. I’ve recovered. Totally. Here are the 2012 stats:

Number of Pacific Crest Trail miles hiked : 717

Number of Appalachian Trail Miles hiked: 86

Number of Sedona trail miles hiked: 112

Number of New York City street miles “hiked”: 2,818

Number of waitress miles “hiked” back and forth on restaurant floors with something delicious in my hands for an undeserving Yelp or TripAdvisor reviewer: 288,100

Total number of hits this blog received in 2012: 70,822

Total number of useful bits of information conveyed in this blog: 12

Total number of posts ranting about how grateful I am to someone or something: 42

Total number of near-death experiences: 1

Total number of times I declared something a near-death experience before I really understood what “near-death” was: 4

Total number of bedridden days: 44

Total number of days I longed to spend in a bed before I discovered how intensely boring that is without morphine and/or sex: 88

Total number of different beds (including couches, Thermarests, and hospital “beds”) I called “my bed”: 8

Total number of oatmeal packets eaten before declaring it a non-food: 32

Total number of blisters earned: 0

Total number of very awesome people met including people who I’ve always known were awesome but who picked this year to re-assert their awesomeness: 1,147

Number of well-meaning friends and/or relatives that have suggested I  revisit my life strategy: 6

Total number of times I revisited my life strategy: 6

Changes made to my life strategy: 0

Total number of plans made for the future: 1


Pacific Crest Trail Re-Loaded!! Begins spring of 2013!!



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  10 Responses to “A Nomad Year -The 2012 Stats”

  1. Now i’m wondering if I have been reduced to a number 🙂 Love you Sis

  2. NEVER, Rick, NEVER!! I love you too!!!

  3. Oh, you so totally ROCK!
    Glad you are #1 too 🙂 No more, no less. Hoping to meet you again very soon – I miss you!!!

  4. Awesome! And so are you! 🙂 <3

  5. I love Morphine so much x.

  6. So looking forward to the Pacific Crest Trail Reloaded 2013 blogs!!!

  7. YAY! ALIVE….YOU ARE ALIVE! Being alive is pretty Freakin awesome! So glad you are in this world! PCT 2013 YeeeeHaaaaawwwwww!

  8. What the H?! I un-Twittered a while back as per #7 on your awesome list. (Artificial entertainment and stimulation; Desire for variety in food, dress, and environment; Escape by distraction; etc) and had to track you down with the Google machine, and now I see all this excitement. Congrats on hanging onto your earth suit a while longer.

    Anyway, I’ve got some thoughts on that list. Hit me back at that email up above. They’re too long for a comment.

    Good to hear you’re feeling better.

    – Will

  9. Love it!

  10. Love it!

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