35 Non-Copyrighted Potential New Year’s Resolutions For Walkers


I will only walk with attractive and appropriate footwear.

*Disclaimer: Even though I sanction each and every one of these,  I have only personally committed to resolutions 1, 32, and 35.
35 Uncopyrighted Potential New Year’s Resolutions For Walkers:

1)   I will plan some really incredible outdoor experiences for myself this year.

2)   I will stop insisting that my loved ones participate in or listen to stories about my walks and will show palpable appreciation for their tolerance.

3)    I will endeavor to keep my gear purchases at least equivalent to if not less than my basic living purchases.

4)    I will learn how to make for myself by myself with readily available materials the same piece of gear that costs $400 in the outdoor stores.

5)    I will strive to add even a bit of basic color coordination and flatterability to my walking wardrobe.

6)    I will develop other muscles than my legs.

7)    I will pick up a piece of litter that isn’t mine on every walk.

8)    I will invite a non-walker on a good walk, even though it means I will have to walk more slowly and most likely on a trail. I will not complain (not even silently) or walk a great distance ahead of them.

9)    I will volunteer for trail maintenance in the places I love to walk.

10) I will purchase local as much as possible and support my local walking organizations.

11) I will offer to speak to local youth groups or schools about walking and encourage a love of nature.

12) I will clean my dog’s poo off of the trail. (If you’re REALLY a saint: I will clean other dog’s poo off of the trail.)

13) I will create an interesting route from scratch.

14) I will learn basic wilderness skills and emergency procedures and vow to be responsible for myself out there.

15) I will start a nature-oriented blog and share my passion.

16) I will not poo-poo people who make gear choices that are different than mine.

17) I will reach out to a novice walker and offer them guidance.

18) I will take a child out for a decent wilderness experience.

19) I will take a political interest in protecting wild land and walker’s rights on it.

20) I will do a walk in total silence at least once a month.

21) I will learn how to cloud bust.

22) I will stop eating chocolate by the handful when I am not on the trail.

23) I will learn the finer points of food dehydration.

24) I will participate in the walker blogging community. (they are such a fun lot )

25) I will leave a gift for a walker along a long-distance trail route during hiking season.

26) I will not sled down a remote hill on my camp shovel without securing some foam padding to the seat of it.

27) I will not let 10 days go by without doing a significant walk.

28) I will make peace with (insert aspects of walking that you hate) (for me = postholing, bogsloshing, wet shoes, early morning winter camp breakdowns, and ramen noodles)

29) I will lose my self righteousness about (insert what you’re most proud of about yourself) (for me = packing light, eating well, sanitation)

30) I will learn how to (insert new skill for enjoying the outdoors) (for me = kayak, climb, cross-country ski, paraglide)

31) I will write poems, stories, blog posts, stream–of-consciousness blabberings, wise insights into life, song lyrics, love letters, notes about the route, and/or gear instructions on every walk.

32) I will pimp my pack.

33) I will stop subjecting expensive electronics to the elements.

34) I will hike naked at least once.

35) I will protect my facial skin from the slicing effects of the wind with a good face cream.

Submit your resolutions and have a fantastic New Year!

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  1. I vote for #34 in warm weather and on a full moon – aaahoooooo!

  2. Thanks for the inspiration! The face cream better have SPF in it. By the way super salve is making a WONDERFUL inexpensive sunscreen.

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